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Burglary Repair Services
Should you be the unfortunate victim of a burglary, Contemporary Renovations offer a prompt and professional burglary repairs service in London. Windows and doors can often be repaired rather than replaced using our burglary repairs service, saving you time and expense. We can also supply and fit window and door safety locks across London for your peace of mind.

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Burglary Repair Services
Case Study 1 
The damaged window, frame and security locks, as a result of burglary at this property, were promptly repaired within 1 hour using a specialist resin method, saving our client hundreds of pounds compared to the cost of a new window being supplied, fitted and decorated.

Great care should be taken whilst the initial boarding up process takes place, as unnecessary screws or nails could do more damage to your window, resulting in more repairs and cost. We can supply and fit new security locks for your own peace of mind from our own range. Please ask for details.

We were able to salvage the window using our resin method, which saved our client hundreds of pounds compared to the cost of a new window being supplied, fitted and decorated.
Our front door was badly damaged s I found This Company on the internet.
After filling out the contact form on their website, I received a swift response from Contemporary Renovations. The work carried out by them was of the highest standards and exceeded my expectations. They were friendly, helpful and went above and beyond the call of duty. I would most definitely recommend Contemporary Renovations - an excellent service at a reasonable price.

Sarah. SE1 February 2010
(after) repaired window
(before) damaged window frame

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