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Draught Proofing / Insulation in London and Bedfordshire
As energy prices soar, the need to make your home more energy efficient is becoming more critical. By draught proofing and insulating the windows and doors of your London home you can vastly reduce your annual heating bills (by up to 75% on single glazed windows and up to 90% on double glazed), plus reduce your carbon footprint, recouping your draught proofing investment in a surprisingly short amount of time.

Pay 5% VAT ONLY on ALL draught proofing for sash windows and doors, installations or refurbishments.

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Draught Proofing / Insulation in London and Bedfordshire
Case Study 1 
Gaps around the bottom door step on many Victorian properties cause heat loss.

This victorian step has been raised with resin (see before picture - yellow resin), which raises the door step level and closes the gap.
The door is then fitted with draught proofing.

All our insulation, draught proofing and resin work is guaranteed for ten years.
I scoured the internet and found 'Draught proofing and Insulation Services' on the Contemporary Renovations website. When I rang, Richard himself answered and agreed to visit to assess the problem. Punctual, pleasant and knowledgeable, Richard showed me a sample of the draught proofing strip, described the work involved and gave me a quote which I didn't find unreasonable for the three days' work he advised would be needed.

Richard almost completed the task in the days scheduled, but my doors were so crooked that they came back willingly on two more occasions to make final adjustments to the locks and the draught proofing for no extra charge. Moreover, Richard has promised to come back after the summer should any movement in the wood cause the doors to stick or draughts to reappear. He assiduously protected my house from the sawdust, and cleaned up thoroughly at the end of every day, completing the making good as carefully as he had fitted the draught proofing. Very security conscious, I felt comfortable leaving him to guard my house when I had to go out. I can be a very demanding customer, but Richard always responded to my requests for 'perfection' patiently and cheerfully - nothing was too much trouble.

Above all, the doors all fit snugly and all the locks work! I would not hesitate to employ Richard again.

Mrs Mackay - London
(after) repaired Victorian door step
(before) rotten Victorian door step
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