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Why suffer the expense of replacing your old windows, at Contemporary Renovations we repair all styles of rotten window timber frames and our specialist work is guaranteed for 10 years.

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Window Repairs and Renovations in London and Bedfordshire
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This sash window (before) was rotten all the way around, we were able to eliminate the rotten timber as far as it was progressed before applying our specialist resin finish.

This work is guaranteed for ten years.
All the exterior sills on the front of my house were showing signs of rot but in particular the sill around the bay window on the first floor was completely rotten and the rot was spreading into the window frames. The interior wall under the bay was showing signs of damp.
I sought advice from a number of different specialists and the options seemed to be:

a) cut out the rot and patch in new timber but there was some hesitancy about doing this as the rot was so far progressed that the end result might be fairly botched and cosmetic;

b) replace the entire window frame and sill but the cost, particularly for a custom-made window for the bay, was prohibitive;

c) replace the entire window frame and sill with a uPVC unit although cheaper, this of course would have been totally out of keeping with an Edwardian house, with houses in the rest of the street and potentially unattractive if the house were to be sold;

d) Contemporary Renovations offered easily the best and most cost effective solution: to remove all the rotten timber and replace it with a specialist resin (with a 10 year guarantee), to make good, seal and re-paint.

I chose the final option because it seemed to offer a very practical solution to the problem, one which would give good wear, which would maintain the period exterior of the house and which was affordable.
The service I received throughout the job was excellent. Richard has taken time to explain every step of the process and to keep me informed of progress. It is a job which of necessity is heavily influenced by the weather conditions and he had to work round significant amounts of rain spread over several weeks. It was therefore particularly helpful that he kept in regular touch with me during this period. He and his team were unfailingly helpful, pleasant and efficient and cleaned up thoroughly once the job was completed. For anyone faced with similar problems, I would highly recommend the Contemporary Renovations solution and Richard and his team in particular.

Jennie Adams (London) - May 2007
(after) repaired window frames
(before) Rotten window frames
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