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Wooden Window Repairs & Refurbishment in London and Bedfordshire
At Contemporary Renovations we offer wooden window repairs and refurbishment based on our experience of hundreds of successful Sash Window projects, including, double glazing with draught proofing as well as bespoke window projects, such as arched windows, curved glass and window shutters, which provide additional privacy and security for French patio doors as well as improved draught exclusion.

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Wooden Window Repairs & Refurbishment in London and Bedfordshire
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We were able to retain all of the character of this home, both internally and externally, by restoring its original features of wooden windows and doors.

We also increased its insulation qualities by custom building double-glazing that fitted exactly into their existing wooden framed windows and doors.

Every frame, window and door on this property was completely refurbished including the installation of draught proofing throughout, on time and on budget.
From start to finish no request was too small for Richard to undertake and he was always ready to make practical suggestions on how to improve the end result of the project.

The windows of our house were looking pretty shabby after years of neglect and a quick cover up by the previous owners did nothing to help matters. The brief was that we wanted to retain the original window frames whilst insulating the house from the cold in the winter. So, a major part of the job was to remove the old glass from the frames and replace them with custom made double-glazed units. Custom-made as rarely in a house of this age (1900 or thereabouts) will you find a window frame with square corners - even when it was first built!

Now, I won't pretend that the job was easy or without some disruption to the family home, but Richard kept this to a minimum. One of the key things here is that Richard kept us informed of all aspects of the job - progress, etc. - and would get as technical as you would like - or not like as the case may be!

I have probably not done justice to the craftsmanship and care that went
into undertaking this job but - suffice to say - the end result is stunning.
The thing is, Richard takes pride in what he does and his customer care is up there with the best of them. Thank you Richard - I would recommend you to anyone that needs a good job doing well.

Martin, Crouch End N8
(after) restored window
(before) rotten window
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